Family Law

Our solicitors have an abundance of knowledge in all of aspects of the continuously evolving area of Family Law.  We understand that our clients are experiencing a very stressful time in their lives and we take a sensitive approach to reassure them that our expertise will be applied to their case to achieve the best possible as well as suitable result.

Our areas of expertise

We provide a full Family Law service at all Court levels.  The aspects of Family Law in which we specialise range from:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Care cases & child abuse
  • Pre-nuptial Agreeements
  • Separation Agreements & Judicial Separation
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Guardian, Custody and Access
  • Maintenance proceedings
  • Etc.

Our objective is to minimise the emotional costs of lengthy legal procedures

We are committed to helping our clients to minimise the emotional costs of lengthy legal procedures. We focus on a personal service and offer solutions that are tailored to you and your family by recognising what is important to you. We understand that family law proceedings can have a turbulent effect on children and we strive to reduce the effect of those proceedings on them.